PUR:PUR — Welcome

Hm (x079x7) проходящий Hm/C (0079×5)
G (x045x3)
Fm (x034x2)

Hm (03442x)
C (05670x)
Cm (08997x)
G (07775x)

G | Fm | G | Fm | G | Fm | G | C ||

Welcome to the world of hatred and lost crying children with reached out hands
Hold on a second we have a lot of creepy things to show you and amaze

Just don’t close your eyes…

Your fear of what you see cause you don’t wish for such fate to yourself
You think misery won’t touch your feet if you’ll keep your head up having no regrets

It shall touch your heart cause you’re trampling down the same ground as all people do

Unless you fly having no wings
Unless you’ll cry overfilled with feeling
Unless you’ll see everyone is blind
This world is tired of us

Just don’t close your eyes…

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