Moloko — The Time Is Now

bass intro: [Dm] — [Em] ? [Am] (3x)
[F] ? [G]

[Dm] You’re my last breathe
[Em]You’re a [Am]breathe of fresh [Dm]air to me [Em] ? [Am]
[Dm]hi, I’m empty [Em]
[Am]So tell me you [Dm]care for me [Em] ? [Am]

[Dm]You’re the first thing
[Em]and the [Am]last thing [Dm]on my mind [Em] ? [Am]
[Dm]In your arms I [Em]feel [Am]
[F] Sunshine [G]

[Dm] On a promise [Em]
a [Am]day dream [Dm]yet to come [Em] ? [Am]
[Dm] Time is upon us [Em] ? [Am]
Oh but the [Dm]night is young [Em] ? [Am]

[Dm] flowers blossom [Em] ? [Am]
In the [Dm]winter time [Em] ? [Am]
[Dm]In your arms I [Em]feel [Am]
[F] Sunshine [G]

chorus: [Dm]give up yourself unto the [Em]moment [F] ? [Em] ? [Dm]
The time is [Em]now [F] ? [Em] ? [Dm]
give up yourself unto the [Em]moment [F] ? [Em] ? [F]
Let’s make this [G]moment last

[Dm]You may find yourself[Em] ? [Am]
[Dm]Out on a limb for me [Em] ? [Am]
[Dm]could you expect it as [Em] ? [Am]
[F]A part of your [G]destiny

[Dm] I give [Em]all I [Am]have
[Dm] but it’s [Em]not [Am]enough
[Dm] And my [Em]patience are [Am]shot
[F] So I’m [G]calling your bluff

chorus (2x)

[Dm] and we [Am]gave it time [E]
all eyes are [Am]on the clock
[Dm] but time takes [Am]too much time [E]
Please make the [Am]waiting stop

[Dm] and the [Am]atmosphere is charged. [E]
In [Am]you I trust.
[Dm] And I [Am]feel no fear as I
[F] do [G]as I must.


[Dm]Tempted by [Em]faith [Am]
[Dm] and I won’t [Em]hesitate [Am]
[Dm]The time is [Em]now [Am]
[F]Let?s make this [G]moment last, (the night is young)

[Dm] ?????? [Em] ??? [F] ? [Em] ? [Dm]
The time is [Em]now [F] ? [Em] ? [Dm]
?????? [Em] ??? [F] ? [Em] ? [F]
Let’s make this [G]moment last


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